Friday, 17 February 2012

Saba7 El Khair

I have my graduation picture that we took together on my desk in my room. Right next to it is your watch that still deeps every hour. Every morning I look at it, and I close my eyes trying to remember the sound of your voice whenever I would see you in the mornings. Our conversation used to go like this:

Me: Saba7 el khair dad.
You: Saba7 el noor ya 7elwati ya chil 7ali... ta3li hon khaleeni ashofek.

And I would get closer to you, annoyed at how loud your voice was in the mornings, and annoyed that you had to hug and kiss me EVERY morning (it was always 3 kisses). Looking back now, I don't know how you had the energy to show so much excitement every time you saw me, I am never that excited about anything.

You used to tell me that I was very special, but you were really the special one dad.

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