Sunday, 9 October 2011

Conversations With My Father Part III

Dad: No one can love you like your parents... a parents love is unconditional... they will love you no matter what you do. Ya3ni hani ana... ta7maltek kteer.
Me: Tayeb w ana t7maltak kaman... you think you were easy to live with!
Dad: *Chuckles*
Me: ya you know what you did...

Dad: El father bydalo father... bydalo 2y7eb ya3ti la 2wlado... w ma bi7eb 7ada y3la 3aleh 2la wlado.

Dad:You know... Ma bathon 3indi cancer.
Me: Yeah...?
Dad: Ya3ni lo 3indi cancer can 7asaet 2ini 25taleft fi hal six months... bs ma 7aset bi 2shy different. You believe that?
Me: You never know dad... they are just doctors at the end of the day... anything is possible.

Dad: What's wrong?
Me: Bad day. I don't get what's the point of anything... it all seems so pointless.
Dad: It's ok habibti... sometimes a person feels that way... bs 2etzakari allah w allah betzakarek.
Me: Dad, I don't know if you've noticed, but God doesn't give a shit about us!
Dad: Lah lah lah ya 7abibiti... Allah ma 7atna 3ala hal 2ard 7ata yensana

Comments about my negativity:

Baseeta habibti... baseeta.... tawli balek 2eshway.... kolshy ok

Dalek metfa2la

Habibti... inti kteer negative... mish 2imnee7 heck

(Apparently I am too negative).

Other things he says that make me laugh:

I love you ya habibti ya chill 7ali!

Habibtii!! I miss you!! (usual greeting form him when I come home).

Ana I never look at the price... ana bs b7es el fabric.... w sob7an allah dayman betla3 a7san no3
(After shopping at MAYC'S and spending $100 on Ralph Lauran PJ bottoms)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Good Night

Yabaya sho ba7bek ya Qamar ya habibti... you are so special to me... I love you so much. --Dad