Saturday, 26 November 2011

Words that Brought him Comfort

I was impressed with Amin's ability to make my dad happy and relaxed in the last stage of his illness. At this stage my dad lost his voice, and had limited mobility. He would get restless at times, trying to say something to us, but we couldn't understand what it was. It was only Amin that could make my dad smile at this stage, and he would say to him as he rubed his chest to soothe him:

"Everything is ok dad. I am going to take care of everything"

"You're going to be ok dad. You did everything right"

"I love you dad. I don't want you to worry about anything"

"Sweet dreams dad. Try to remember your dreams. I'm going to ask you about them later"

I remember trying to use the same words as Amin to soothe my dad, but they did not have the same effect.

I hope you realize how happy you made dad and how lucky he is to have someone reassure him that he did it all right... and not just anyone but his son.

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