Sunday, 20 November 2011


Whenever I remember you, one particular memory keeps coming to mind. It was when I came back home last summer. I remember making my way down the road and ringing the doorbell. You weren't home, but the door was opened so I figured you had gone to pray. I remember putting my stuff down, thinking how wonderful it is that our house still looks the same. There is very little consistency in my life so it was comforting to know that some things never change (at least that was what I thought at the time). I then remember you coming in after a few minutes... you were running up the stairs with a bouquet of flowers. You had this huge smile on your face, I don't remember anyone ever being so happy to see me. You tell me that you ran out to get me flowers, and you then give me a huge hug that was almost suffocating and you shower me with kisses telling me how much you missed me and saying "heck bedashri abooki"... I then say "didn't you tell me to go find a future for myself?"... You then laugh and say "I know, I just missed you so much".... and I miss you so much dad. I really do.

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