Sunday, 11 July 2010

In 1:56 Minutes

The street, the air, the season, my body, palestine, occupation, sex, freedom, lust, attraction, desire, want, need, frustration, life, communism, socialism, world war, Aqsa, demonstrations, perseverance, determination, stubborness, freedom of seepch, ignorance, selfishness, anger, hate, self hate, beauty, ugliness, breathing, suffocating, insecurity, weight love, betrayl, hurt, trust, mistrust, family, babies, dreams, ambitions, college, grauate school, grades, insanity, opression, obsession, religion, friends, weddings, engagments, culture, traditions, money, New York, Jericho, the dead sea, clam, serenity, peace, heart, heart beat, confusion, sweetness, inconsistency, facebook, texting, Jawwal, film, directing, creativity, writing, khaled, pronto, alcohol sakak, Zeryab, Bireh, truth, honesty, Birzeit, Abu dease, London, Jordan, fords, fun land, humanity.

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